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About Page

I have been playing on the internet since 1994 and I have always been facinated with the way average people are so creative. One day after watching the Star Wars trilogy for the million time, I got this urge to make me a lightsaber. I started drawing my homemade blueprints, researching for pictures of sabers on the net and tryied so hard to make my own. I went to visit the irc chat rooms trying to talk with other people. I did not find much informations, but I did find a few. I first built my lightsaber in 1997 and I created a website called SABERS PLUS and now is renamed to SABERS PLUS 2000 . I was able to collect so much information about other people's sabers and we posted them on the site.

Now years later I have found so many other sites with tutorials on mking props or places where people just show their creative talents. Although I'm not as creative and talented I too like to try my hands at making props from movies, shows, or cartoons. I work very hard in trying to learn and replicate the few items I try to make. ALthough they do not always come out how I plan, I do like what I have done. This page is only to place the items I have created in one general area to have friends and family look at them since we are all so far away from each other.

Thank you for looking and if you would like to contact me you can do so at Video567


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